This is where the magic happens

Liberty Books Warehouse

Look closely at this picture. What do you see? Books? We see hundreds of opportunities to satisfy Pakistani readers. We see this as magic. A transfiguration from tree barks to knowledge bites. This is the place where the magic gets disseminated.




Sunday April 15,2012 –

By Jeffery Taylor

I CANNOT help smiling when I start a new John Grisham.

The author of The Firm has sold almost 300 million legal thrillers and they often open with convincing counterarguments to the main thrust of the plot. The same principle applies to Calico Joe, which takes for its theme Grisham’s second passion, baseball.

As this is Grisham, you hope that, after the early deluge of baseball lore, the closing pages will reveal a pristine, recognisable and deeply moving human truth. You will not be disappointed. Continue reading