Author of the ‘Eye of the Predator’ sends a special note to readers in Pakistan via Liberty Books

Eye Of The Predator [a fictional account of the night they killed Baitullah] by Abhisar Sharma is a riveting, highly-informed conspiracy novel set in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US, It is an arresting account of an unlikely group of men who slept with the enemy in a desperate bid to fight the monster of Pakistan. In the following note the author shares his thoughts on the book in Pakistan.

I think this is the most exciting stage of “The Eye of the Predator” as it enters Pakistan. The entire thriller or chase takes place in Pakistan and I do feel that my readers in Pakistan will identify with the book more than anyone else in the world. For it was fascinating to write about a man who dies at the rooftop of his ‘SASURAL’, when a hellfire missile struck him when he was in a very delicate situation with his wife. As I dig deep into the story, through my sources in Pakistan I discovered fascinating aspects of the man termed as one of the two most influential men in Pakistan by the TIME magazine along with the Pakistani army chief, Ashfaq Parvez Kayani in the year 2008.

What really enamored me was this meeting that took place between Baitullah and someone really important in the AF-PAK region. This formed the crux of this edge of the seat thriller. I know its easy to paint the ISI in certain colors for an Indian, but I would like to make this very clear…that in my story…I have three agencies, the ISI, the CIA and the Afghan intelligence, all playing for their national interests. I have been to Pakistan more than twice and I have been a big fan of Pakistani writers like Ahmad Rashid, Mohammed Hanif , Imtiaz Gul and Tehmina Durrani. I have no qualms in accepting that had I not read Hanif (former colleague with the BBC) Tehmina Durrani and Khalid Hosseini, I  would never have become an author. So blame them if you have to. Jokes aside, I am proud of my labour of love and I hope that my readers in Pakistan will be able to absorb my passion through this book. I will always be fascinated by Pakistan (my mother seriously believes that I was born in Pakistan in my previous birth) and the events that are taking place. Its really amazing to see the impact of these events on the journalist and authors of Pakistan. My second book “Edge of the Machete”( set in Khyber) is also ready and I hope to release it as soon as the Predator strikes and strikes big.

I can only say that fasten your seat belts and enjoy the read (ride)

God bless



Eye of the Predator is now available at Liberty Books stores & all leading book stores in Pakistan. The book is also available for order online here.