Why You Need to Read This Book – Agency Rules

Why You Need to Read This Book – Agency Rules.

agency rules

Head to any of our outlets or order you copy online for free delivery here: http://www.libertybooks.com/bookdetail.aspx?pid=24295

Manal Shakir launches “Magic Within” | Digital Saeen

Manal Shakir launches “Magic Within” | Digital Saeen.


Order your copy online here:

Entry 5: The Basement (formerly The Project)

Hello fellow book lovers, we’ve been silent for a while on this very special project of ours. The past few weeks had us wrapped up in several events and we’re super grateful to you, precious readers, who keep us going everyday.  :)

The Project (as much as we enjoyed calling it that) has a name, The Basement and its is almost ready for a fabulously literary (because we don’t do any other kind of fabulous) launch party in March 2015. While we can’t divulge what this party will exactly entail we want you all to be there. And since we don’t want you to miss out on all the fun while we are working on our last bits, here’s a short tour of what’s already out there, and believe us when we say it; most people we’ve taken to The Basement have said they want to live there and we will gladly let you spend as much time there as you want. We’re still working out the details on the living bit. :)

Oh and in case you’re wondering where The Basement is – it is right under our outlet next to BBQ tonight so one hopefully does not need a complicated GPS machine to get there. Here’s the link to the map in case you haven’t been there yet: The Basement Map Feel free to drop by and experience the space! We’d love to hear from you.

Entry 4. The Project (with a date)

Hello fellow project supporters! We have news and we have news. The work for The Project is underway; we (almost) have a name and we can’t just divulge it yet because like first-time parents we are being picky, obsessive and a bit compulsive.

Anyway, THE news is that we have a date and if all goes amazingly well (knocking wood here) we will be ready to invite you over a nice steaming cup of coffee or tea in February over a lovely collection of books. Clear up your schedules and yes, we will make sure that your KLF visit schedule is not disturbed. Did we mention we’ll be at KLF this year as well? Do pay us a visit if you plan on attending. :)

We’re gearing up for an awesome formal launch event in March with all of you. So if you have suggestions as to what should be happening; please send in your requests. We want it to be fun, creative and very books happy.

Before we sign off for the week, guess what we found for the space this week – this classic Telephone Booth Piggy Bank. We are still trying to decide what we should collect in this (game rentals, perhaps). All the same, we LOVE it.


Entry 3: The Project (Prevails)

So last week was a bit crazy for us. We were trotting along, excited about The Project and how work was progressing really well based on our plan (thanks to our awesome team).

Of course, we weren’t expecting smooth sailing the entire way and then as all adventures go, came along a problem. Our dear Mr. Murphy had finally made an appearance and as you might guess it wasn’t a very pleasant visit either (in case we are losing you, ref. Murphy’s Law in the first post). But us book-loving souls are an optimistic kind (on most days!), our resolve was strong and we found a solution. So there is a slight change in plans; we may not be opening exactly where we promised but this new place is equally familiar and comfortable. :)

We don’t want to bore you with the silly details of the many w’s all we can say for now is that we shared a vision with you and we are not about to give up on it and that’s how we politely said goodbye to Mr. Murphy (hopefully for good).

In the tradition of sharing, here’s a little something we bought for the space this week; somehow we thought it was just perfect! What do you think?

 The Beatles

PS: Let the countdown begin, you better be at our launch party!

Entry 2: The Project.

You guys are incredible! We have only made one small post about The Project and we have customers getting excited already. We’ll be honest, we are feeling a bit pressurized now, we sincerely hope we meet your expectations. :)

We entered Phase 2 (which also happens to be the address – hint hint) of The Project today. We spent some time trying to come up with best layout and really getting that feel across. We want you to be able to see this space with our eyes and for that we are putting our everything into this. From the staff at our office to the person who will be selecting books for this location, we are only thinking does this match the ‘experience‘?

So here’s part of what we imagined for you today. Imagine a long tiring day at the office (or college or home) whatever might be your stress activator. You’re tired and you want to just unwind. Escape for a little while and hide somewhere. Maybe not the cafe today, they tend to be too loud sometimes. We imagined you sitting in this nice comfy sofa, with just the right amount of sunlight pouring in with a book of your choice and some nice 70’s music playing in the background. Did we mention you were surrounded by books?

The Spot

Here’s a glimpse; the space is under construction so please ignore the mess and enjoy the spot! :)

Entry 1: The Project.

This year is already off to a great start for us here at Liberty Books. We have just embarked on a new project (aka The Project), which if all goes and Murphy stays far far away from the situation will be ready later this month. The reason we are posting about it is that we want you to join us on this (albeit short, but very interesting) journey.

What journey is this and where are we off to, you ask? Well, it so happens that a few months ago we closed one of our makeshift stores in Karachi. It was never a permanent project to start off with but ever since it closed we’ve had many customers ask us why this store closed down all of a sudden. And we admit, we should have said something. For that, we apologize profusely. But we are also making up for it. You see, this space is one of the few locations we have which is not in a mall and has a very nice quiet feel about it. Perfect, for a bookshop where one could spend hours.

Therefore, came about The Project. While many details are currently in the works at the moment we can tell you that while this outlet will be a Liberty Books outlet in the effort and resource behind it but what you will experience as a customer will be something new and wonderful (or so we hope). Just to give you a feel of the place, we are not going to be placing any new furniture, all we want you to see when you enter the store are piles and piles of books for you to scout through and several hiding spots. What’s more? We’re thinking some chai / coffee AND we’ll keep some board games (remember those?) there as well. We’re currently scavenging through raddi-walas for the décor. And one find, we will share with you because it had some of us jumping with joy (quite literally). We wanted a record player in the store, you know for the real feel with some LP’s playing. We found one and surprisingly (because Sunday Bazaar can be a potluck) it works and it sounds beautiful. So here’s what it looks like and we hope you’ll see it live soon!

RecordWe’ll have more updates next week. But until then, what do you think? Any ideas to make this even better. We’re feeling quite creative!