Back to School with Liberty Books!


Moms & Dads, we know it’s THAT time of the year when important decisions regarding the bag, the bottle, the lunchbox and the pencil case need to be made.  We understand your dilemma and more importantly, it’s not easy to decide where to buy everything from. This year, we have stocked up on a great new collection of Back To School supplies and they’re all available at great prices. What’s even better is that we’re offering selected products from the Back To School collection via our website so you can order our special range anywhere in Pakistan and have it delivered with no extra charges! Here’s a snapshot of our stocks.

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Liberty Books Summer Reading Program!

Greetings all 🙂

Summer heat is certainly upon us and we hope everyone is surviving and staying hydrated! On a related note summer vacations are fast on their way…

These vacations (for those lucky enough to get them) are the perfect time to catch up on one’s non-academic reading. Hours spent indoors or outside (in the shade) can be delightfully utilized with one’s nose buried in a book.

In order to aid this pursuit, Liberty Books is thrilled to announce its Summer Reading Program. At the end of this post we have uploaded reading lists recommended by specific schools and by Liberty Books. Feel free to view each catalogue!

Our goals for this program include the following:

Students of Partnering schools :
Students of schools that have sent their own recommended reading list will be given special Liberty Books Summer Reading Program punch cards. Each time a student purchases a recommended book from any of our outlets their punch card will be stamped. Upon reaching a minimum of 8 stamps students will be given a gift hamper with books and related products!

Everyone else:
While our Summer Reading Program punch cards are exclusively for students of partnering schools EVERYONE is welcome to view our uploaded lists and gather a few recommendations in the process 🙂

Recommended reading lists – school wise:

1. Bay View High – Junior school:

2. Bay View High – Middle school:
BayViewMiddle SRP_May2015_Catalogue

3. Froebel Education Centre:

4. Beaconhouse School System:
Beacon House_SRP_May2015_Catalogue

5. Generations school:
Generations SRP_May2015_Catalogue

Summer Reading Program

Happy summer reading!

Entry 6: Presenting….The Basement :)

It is ready! It is ready! We have worked tirelessly to make this space your second home. Okay, we are exaggerating a tad bit but we want you to feel as close to home when you visit us.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, book lovers of all sizes and genres – we are pleased, nay, VERY pleased to present The Basement. The space is ready for literary exploration and we are waiting (impatiently) to welcome you here. We have a few tips, tricks and guidelines for your visit. For this essential announcement, we suggest you lower the music volume, think of your favorite book, bring that spaced out expression on an we’re set!

  • Schedule the visit, put it on your calendar. In order to completely immerse yourself in the awesomeness of The Basement, we think you need to take atleast 2 hours out of your schedule. Also, this serves as a great hiding spot in case you’re trying to avoid that friend, or work, or the police etc.

liberty (74 of 125)

  • Bring your own music or listen to ours. 🙂 We have a lovely vintage record player, with several records to choose from so please feast your ears and ask our staff to help you in case you want to change a record.

liberty (51 of 125)   liberty (99 of 125)

  • BYOP (Bring your own players or people) – yep we are serving games at The Basement and you don’t want to be seen playing a game of Scrabble alone. So bring that friend of yours who keeps challenging you on Word with Friends on Facebook. There is no way they can cheat here!

liberty (113 of 125)

  • Revive the detective in you! If you happen to drop by before 12th April and we know you will, you can participate in our awesome literary treasure hunt! Whoever finds the highest number of our secretly coded postcards will receive a free shopping voucher and if you find a Golden Ticket you win a free book on the spot!

liberty (28 of 125)                       liberty (26 of 125)

  • Prepare to leave; as in we don’t want you to leave but we’ve had customers complaining that they are having a hard time leaving so we just want to tell you to come prepared. We’d be happy to host you for as long as you’d like to stay.

liberty (97 of 125)

  • Finally, keep your camera handy! We have lots of fun elements placed around the basement which will make you itch to pull your camera out and take a quick picture. Just for the record, we encourage such behavior, just don’t forget to tag us on social media. We get quite excited when you do that. Just saying. 🙂

liberty (17 of 125)

Why You Need to Read This Book – Agency Rules

Why You Need to Read This Book – Agency Rules.

agency rules

Head to any of our outlets or order you copy online for free delivery here:

Manal Shakir launches “Magic Within” | Digital Saeen

Manal Shakir launches “Magic Within” | Digital Saeen.


Order your copy online here:

Entry 5: The Basement (formerly The Project)

Hello fellow book lovers, we’ve been silent for a while on this very special project of ours. The past few weeks had us wrapped up in several events and we’re super grateful to you, precious readers, who keep us going everyday.  🙂

The Project (as much as we enjoyed calling it that) has a name, The Basement and its is almost ready for a fabulously literary (because we don’t do any other kind of fabulous) launch party in March 2015. While we can’t divulge what this party will exactly entail we want you all to be there. And since we don’t want you to miss out on all the fun while we are working on our last bits, here’s a short tour of what’s already out there, and believe us when we say it; most people we’ve taken to The Basement have said they want to live there and we will gladly let you spend as much time there as you want. We’re still working out the details on the living bit. 🙂

Oh and in case you’re wondering where The Basement is – it is right under our outlet next to BBQ tonight so one hopefully does not need a complicated GPS machine to get there. Here’s the link to the map in case you haven’t been there yet: The Basement Map Feel free to drop by and experience the space! We’d love to hear from you.

Entry 4. The Project (with a date)

Hello fellow project supporters! We have news and we have news. The work for The Project is underway; we (almost) have a name and we can’t just divulge it yet because like first-time parents we are being picky, obsessive and a bit compulsive.

Anyway, THE news is that we have a date and if all goes amazingly well (knocking wood here) we will be ready to invite you over a nice steaming cup of coffee or tea in February over a lovely collection of books. Clear up your schedules and yes, we will make sure that your KLF visit schedule is not disturbed. Did we mention we’ll be at KLF this year as well? Do pay us a visit if you plan on attending. 🙂

We’re gearing up for an awesome formal launch event in March with all of you. So if you have suggestions as to what should be happening; please send in your requests. We want it to be fun, creative and very books happy.

Before we sign off for the week, guess what we found for the space this week – this classic Telephone Booth Piggy Bank. We are still trying to decide what we should collect in this (game rentals, perhaps). All the same, we LOVE it.