Liberty Books Spring Fair!

Hi all 🙂

In case you hadn’t heard, we’re in the midst of our Liberty Books Spring Fair taking place at the Forum, ground floor; aka atrium (we realize that caused a bit of confusion for some. Sorry about that!)

Here’s what you can be excited about:

1. Discounted books – lots of them!

_MG_7143             _MG_7142

More than 3000 in fact!
15% off all new children’s books (for your favourite little ones) and several other discounted books for yourself 🙂

2. Variety:

_MG_7145 _MG_7397

Here’s the thing – If you’re one of those dedicated book lovers you know that walking away (fully satisfied) from a book sale requires work. Great books don’t just land in your lap, you have to work for them. Those who have sprained themselves crouching for too long near the bottommost shelf inspecting each and every title or who have risked their lives balancing precariously on a rickety chair/table/sill/self-made ladder of animate and inanimate objects just to get a clearer view of a book’s title … know what we are talking about. We encourage (and understand!) that behaviour. Luckily, all our Spring Fair books are arranged (and labelled) for easy viewing and access. By all means, spend as much time as you need to go through each title. Come twice, thrice or twenty seven times if that’s what it takes! We know that book lovers and their preferences vary tremendously. We’d like to think we have something for everyone. So please, feel free to make a bit of a mess if that’s what it takes for you to locate the books that have been waiting for you to take them home!

3. Cash-back vouchers:


The gist: Get 10% back on every Rs. 1500 you spend. Redeem those cashback vouchers for more books 🙂

4. Free events for children:
Last Saturday we had our first children’s activity. It was a concert and storytelling session in Urdu by the wonderful (really!) WONDERFUL Dheere Bolo!

_MG_7257The kids loved them and so did we 🙂


We’ve got more events lined up! Stay tuned for updates on our Twitter/Instagram and Facebook pages 🙂

Our Spring Fair is on till 4th May so as of right NOW you still have plenty of time to drop by! Looking forward to having you 🙂

Link to Liberty Books Spring Fair event page:



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