ONE DAY ONLINE SALE – 25th March 2015

You know what’s so awesome about an online sale like this one? You get to sit at home, browse through the ENTIRE website and make an incredibly unrealistic yet delicious list of EVERYTHING you want (which, let’s face it, for most bibliophiles is the entire stock).

Once you have your list before you and it’s time to ‘check out’, your practical side (read: less fun but grudgingly necessary) emerges. And thus begins the elimination process. One must reduce that list to an acceptable (read: affordable) quantity.

An anguishing period later (leaving you quite drained and exhausted) you have THE LIST – the final list of books that has SURVIVED the scrutiny of your practical side and won’t leave you ABSOLUTELY bankrupt.

You cherish that list and place the order with care and precision. Doubt, however, has a tendency to rear its ‘non-book-loving’ head! But then …

• When else will be about to own this gorgeous leather bound collection of Poe’s works? FOR 20% OFF!

• Or this collection of 4 of Dicken’s novels that is, yes, LEATHER BOUND! FOR 20% OFF!

• Or these beautifully collectible editions of Austen’s works? for 20% OFF

• Or this collection of the Harry Potter series (Yes, you MAY already own them all but is there REALLY any rational HARM in owing the box set?!? (We think not!)  Just IMAGINE how beautiful it will look on your bookshelf?) … especially if you bought it for 20% OFF!

So you take a deep breath and submit your order … and smile to yourself…

Its been done. And now the only anguish is the anguish of the wait until your beloved books arrive at your very doorstep and take their rightful place on your bookshelf and in your heart.

Happy ordering 🙂

Online Sale 25-March-2015_FB Post 843 x 504

terms and conditions Online Sale 25-March-2015_FB Post 403 x 403


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