Entry 3: The Project (Prevails)

So last week was a bit crazy for us. We were trotting along, excited about The Project and how work was progressing really well based on our plan (thanks to our awesome team).

Of course, we weren’t expecting smooth sailing the entire way and then as all adventures go, came along a problem. Our dear Mr. Murphy had finally made an appearance and as you might guess it wasn’t a very pleasant visit either (in case we are losing you, ref. Murphy’s Law in the first post). But us book-loving souls are an optimistic kind (on most days!), our resolve was strong and we found a solution. So there is a slight change in plans; we may not be opening exactly where we promised but this new place is equally familiar and comfortable. 🙂

We don’t want to bore you with the silly details of the many w’s all we can say for now is that we shared a vision with you and we are not about to give up on it and that’s how we politely said goodbye to Mr. Murphy (hopefully for good).

In the tradition of sharing, here’s a little something we bought for the space this week; somehow we thought it was just perfect! What do you think?

 The Beatles

PS: Let the countdown begin, you better be at our launch party!


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