Entry 2: The Project.

You guys are incredible! We have only made one small post about The Project and we have customers getting excited already. We’ll be honest, we are feeling a bit pressurized now, we sincerely hope we meet your expectations. 🙂

We entered Phase 2 (which also happens to be the address – hint hint) of The Project today. We spent some time trying to come up with best layout and really getting that feel across. We want you to be able to see this space with our eyes and for that we are putting our everything into this. From the staff at our office to the person who will be selecting books for this location, we are only thinking does this match the ‘experience‘?

So here’s part of what we imagined for you today. Imagine a long tiring day at the office (or college or home) whatever might be your stress activator. You’re tired and you want to just unwind. Escape for a little while and hide somewhere. Maybe not the cafe today, they tend to be too loud sometimes. We imagined you sitting in this nice comfy sofa, with just the right amount of sunlight pouring in with a book of your choice and some nice 70’s music playing in the background. Did we mention you were surrounded by books?

The Spot

Here’s a glimpse; the space is under construction so please ignore the mess and enjoy the spot! 🙂


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