An Astronaut’s Talk – Chris Hadfield


A Facebook Chat Session was arranged by Liberty Books with an Astronaut – Chris Hadfield, the author of ‘An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth’.

The interesting information given by Chris Hadfield has been compiled for our readers. Enjoy reading the Experience of Space!

• Have you ever read a book in space?

Chris.H: During my last spaceflight I read Darwin’s Ghost, a bit before bed every night. It was fun to wake up and find the book floating around my sleep pod with me
• What feature of Earth you liked seeing the most from ISS?
– What is the best thing about being in zero-g?
Being weightless is like pure magic – the best part is that you can FLY
Chris Hadfield I liked getting to know Earth better and better, like an intimacy – and there was beauty everywhere, if you just looked
• Sir, can a mechanical engineer ever become an astronaut?
Chris.H: I am a mechanical engineer.
• Are you still dealing with any lon-lasting physiological after-effects of zero-g after this time?
Chris.H: Steve – yes, I’m still growing bone back across my hips. We get osteoporosis, but it naturally reverses back to near-normal.
• Do emotions feel different in space? Does it take less energy to laugh? If you cry do the tears just form a blob in your eyes?
Chris.H: Emotions run closer to the surface during busy, important times. I found myself readier to laugh, cry, and wonder.
• I have watched a movie where a Monkey trains as an astronaut and goes to space . Do Animals have gone to space in real?
Chris.H: A dog was the first animal to be sent into space on 3 nov, 1957.
• How far have you been in space?
Chris.H: The furthest anyone has ever been is to the far side of the Moon, in Moon orbit. I have been 420 km up, in Earth orbit, and around our planet 2600 times.
• Tell me one more thing, , , Is Great Wall Of China really visible from space??? Or any other specific building ?
Chris.H: The Great Wall of China is NOT visible from space. It is too thin and is the same colour as the surroundings, and it follows natural contours. Many man-made things are visible, but only the ones with size, contrast and angularity

• I am from Pakistan and I want to become an astronaut can you please guide me what should I do to become an astronaut?
keep your body in shape; 2. get an advanced complex education; 3. make decisions and stick with them – and enjoy every single day of the life it brings you
• what would you say is a movie that best describes where space exploration is heading?
Chris.H: Apollo 13 was the most realistic space movie. Space exploration is just the natural continuation of the exploration that we’ve pursued on the surface of Earth for the past 70,000 years.
• Did you ever dream while sleeping in the space? Is that even possible?
Chris.H: Of course – but I found being awake far more interesting
• Do you have a favourite planet where you would even go in a manned mission?
Chris.H: I’d be glad to help explore any of the other planets or moons, but I think Mars will be the most interesting, due to its Earth similarity – gravity, water, volcanoes, atmosphere
• what is the longest time you have been in space and how does it feel to watch our earth from above ?
Chris.H: I’ve flown in space 3 times, totalling almost 6 months off the planet – half-way around the Sun.
• What did you do the moment you entered into space for the first time?
Chris.H: smiled and laughed
It was a joyous moment – one of the best in life – of great relief
• Just how would you elaborate the meaty metallic smell of outer space?
Chris.H: After a spacewalk, the lingering odour in the airlock is one of ozone, of metallic fire, of brimstone.


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