children-readingBe a Reader Yourself:
One fact that is completely established is that children imitate. They love to repeat the things adults say and do, and if your kids see that you’re interested in reading, they’ll be quick to follow. When you will love books, they will too.
Read anything that comes across in your way. When you are in the car just read boards that you cross by and ask your child to try reading too. For example: the sign of ‘Right’ or ‘Left’.

Reward the new learning:
Try giving some reward to kick-start the reading process. It can be anything that the child likes. The biggest motivator for children is often as simple as knowing that adults are happy from them. When you hear a young reader struggling with a new word, remind her of the words she’s already learned. So that the child knows that he has done well earlier so he can do it once more and so on.

Gift a book:
When it’s time to think of a gift for your child, make a wise choice. Gift a book. Just wrap it up in a nice attractive packing and see how the child will be excited. Personalize it with a note of your experience reading it in your childhood or what interested you the most in the book.

Bedtime reading habit:
Always keep a book on the bed side of your child. Bed time reading is the best habit that longs forever. Even two sentences will matter. Rather than telling them a bed time story make them read.

A visit to a book store:
Kids have a natural instinct of curiosity. They always love adventures. Let them go on an adventure of books. Take your little ones to a book store and let them experience the magic of books.


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