Review:Bestseller! Byculla to Bangkok


The start is much of a catchy one. I continued reading, to know what would happen after the death of a dreaded mafia guy.
The interesting writing style makes you grab the book for long. It gives immense knowledge about various police & political characters that have played a key role in the growth of the mafia.
What enthralled me more were the masala-tit bits. They are a part of the writing because the author was once a crime reporter. This fact made me finish it within two days. I never knew I could read a book related to history. It is a really important part of history but presented in an extremely fascinating manner.
One thing could have been avoided and that is fiction in many pages. But, there, also your interest will not be lost. Ruthlessness and the various gangs operating and the greed to reach on top has been made evident by the author. The terrifying questions like: who will rule Mumbai and who will fill terror and run the mafia raj in Mumbai? Is there a twist in the tale? What role Mumbai Police will play? Will there be an end to this blood and gore? That’s what the story is all about.
It really gives you food for thought and a good understanding of the mafias and Mumbai streets.
A book not to be missed!

Haya Shah



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