BOOK CLUB – Join the Liberty Family!

Be part of a select group of bibliophiles. Once you take up our Book Club membership, you just have to pay Rs. 3000. If you already are our Book Club member and your card has expired (expiry dates back till one year only) you may renew your card for 1500 Rs or if you have *lost the card you may get it back only for 500 Rs. The best thing is that there are NO monthly charges. Enjoy reading with the following benefits.
When you join Book Club you can avail 20% discounts on any book you purchase. As a privilege you will receive an invitation to our book launches. We also have special activities for kids at our outlets you will be invited in those too. So read with enjoyment.
We treat our Book Club members with special care, which is why each purchase gets a 10% cash discount and 10% added as reward points to your bank card. The value of each point is Re. 1. Start adding up!
To add to the pleasures of our club, on an annual purchase of Rs. 50,000, a complimentary membership card will be issued to you for the next year. This means only Rs 4,200 worth purchases each month. Reading becomes a luxurious necessity with Book Club.
Not a member yet? Visit any Liberty Book’s outlet and take the Book Club Form, fill it and submit it to our representative at the outlet.

*We will verify the record of your membership in our database.


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