Discounted Books

Being your complete book store we care about your expenses. Even if you are low on budget you don’t need to worry. Our online store offers great discounts through promotions that are listed below.
Deal of the Day
Every day we have a new deal that offers a special discount on a book. We choose it from one of the favorites of our readers.
Deal of the Week
We offer discounts on five books every week. It is a classic collection of different categories that we have on our website.
Extremely popular books are available at discounted prices. Now you don’t need to wait to purchase the high-priced books in trend. Just order it at Liberty Books.
We take orders for books that are yet to be launched. You can save yourself from being the unlucky one facing the ‘out-of-stock’ situation. Just pre-order your book to receive it when it is launched.
Liberty Recommends
We offer discounts on the books that we suggest to our readers, we have been selling books since the 60s, and we know which books are readers like.
Special Offers
There are different seasons of celebration and we contribute to them at our best. Whether it is the cricket excitement or headlines of politics, we have discounts on the books related to the hype of the time.
Reduced Price
There are times when you are disappointed from the high prices of your required books. Again, you don’t need to worry. We keep a check over the price changes and as they become low we include them in the ‘reduced prices’ section on our website.
We make sure that the readers keep reading – reading happily! To avail these discounts visit our website:


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