GIFT CARD – A book is a gift you can open again and again!


Liberty Books offers ‘Gift Cards’ to its readers as books make great gifts. We have 2 types of gift cards.

Virtual Gift Card:
Online vouchers are issued to customers under three conditions:
a) In the form of an online Liberty Books Gift Card
b) As a promotional giveaway against an online campaign
c) To be used as refunds against a paid transaction

These vouchers enable you to purchase books against a certain amount without making any payments. For instance, a voucher worth Rs.500 will allow you to buy books against the total value of Rs.500. You can purchase more than the allocated amount in the same transaction but you will need to pay for the additional cost (the mode of payment is purely your choice).
These virtual gift cards can only be used for online purchasing. The price limit is from Rs. 500 to 5000.

Physical Gift Card:
This is the voucher that you can get from any of our outlets in Karachi and Lahore. To add to its benefits you can use it for an online purchase too, but the delivery should only be for Karachi. The prices of gift cards are Rs.1000 and 2000.

Both the gift vouchers are valid for one time purchase only and can be redeemed within three months from date of issue.
You can buy this ‘gift card’ and gift it to your friend or it is also a very good option to save money for a book and use it when your favorite book comes out.

Happy reading!

Haya Shah


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