Winning Blog – The BIG Book Fair

“A bookaholic’s experience of the BIG Book Fair”

Being a crazy book lover, I always try to avail all the possible chances of book fairs in Karachi from where I could get books and expand my library. My excitement reached on its peak when I saw the page of Big Book Fair being organized by Liberty books and I started looking forward to visit it at the earliest possible but it was not untill 9th Dec when I actually went.
It is truly an amazing initiative of Liberty Books to carry out such book fairs at a time when people have got so busy that they either have left the habit of reading or prefer reading online to avoid going. All kind of books under one roof in the best environment is what every book lover would look for. And I got everything at this new outlet of liberty. Amazing discounts were being offered and the book fair had all those novels and books that I Intended to buy soon.
I’m grateful to Liberty Books for organising such Book fairs from time to time which not only helps us but also those people who look for discounted books in the best condition and from the best place in town.
Hats off to Liberty Books for such amazing book fair!

Ayesha Ehsan
Winner of the blog competition, The Big Book Fair

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