LIT BUZZ: Comic book drawing sells for 1.3 million euros

 | 1 day ago

A rare 1932 cover drawing of a Tintin comic book has been sold for a record 1.3 million euros at an auction in Paris. The previous record — of 764,000 euros — was also set by this Tintin in America cover, hand-drawn by Belgian writer and illustrator Herge. Tintin in America is the third title in the comic book series, The Adventures of Tintin.

The cover shows the young adventurer Tintin, dressed as a cowboy and sitting with his dog, Snowy, as axe-wielding American Indians creep up on them. The plot revolves around Tintin and his dog traveling to the US to report on a crime syndicate.

The drawing was bought by a private collector.

The Indian ink and gouache drawing work is one of only five remaining such works by Herge — real name Georges Remi — who died in 1983. Only two of those are in private hands.

Saturday’s sale was part of a rare larger sale of Tintin memorabilia, reportedly including draft sketches of Tintin and a copy of Explorers on the Moon, signed by the first people to walk on the Moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, and fellow astronaut Michael Collins.


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