It keeps on getting better and better-Liberty Books 50th Anniversary!

ImageWe bet you’ve been staying tuned in. We know you have! It’s just impossible to keep away from Liberty’s 50th celebrations. Liberty books just doesn’t have its loyal customers buzzing about it , its partners in crime the writers and the publishers are equally committed to Liberty Books as Liberty has been to them.

Liberty was extremely professional and great at marketing; and distributing my novel I was really impressed – exclaimed Maha Khan excitedly, one of the many aspiring writerswho has been part of the Liberty Books journey.

Undoubtedly, Liberty Books would have not been a success without any of its associates. They have kept in tow with Liberty Books to ensure that the readers, scurrying at Liberty Books to get hold of their beloved books, never return dissatisfied.

Penguin UK has always enjoyed a fruitful and professional relationship with Liberty Books. Liberty has forged a strong identity for Penguin UK’s books in a very competitive trade market and we are eternally grateful as we look forward to a bright future together in the book trade– Jonathan, Penguin UK.

What would this 50TH celebration be without Liberty books addicts? Well this celebration has got some lethal intoxicants up to keep its books addicts hooked on everyday to the festivities at all major outlets of liberty.

 The 20% discount on all the merchandise is now available at Liberty stores. From books to book marks to stationary to toys, all are being served with a 20 % discount to make sure you keep on coming for more rounds till the 12th of December.

To make this 50th anniversary a great one to remember liberty has brought its big guns out. 50% discount on selected titles to tickle your reading longings.

Liberty books plans to keep this fiesta spiced up at all times. They have you hooked on to their 50th anniversary celebrations discounts and that’s just not it, they are on Face book too! Competitions after competitions to keep their customers hooked to books 24/7!

Though Karachiites are the heartbeat of liberty, they have not forgotten its readers outside Karachi .The stores are also offering a flat 20 % discount on all online purchases that will take place from outside Karachi.

This celebration cake is just a tad bit different. The icing being all purchases at liberty till the 12thof December, come with free bookmarks; purchases ofRs.1500 are accompanied with key chains and a free mouse pad if you get into reading indulgence of Rs.3000.

Liberty books 50th anniversary is not just celebrations and treats. It can’t possibly be that plain. This is your chance to converse-offering at all stores, are testimonials walls that you can talk your heart out about your and Liberty books’ scandalous relationship over these years –both the readers and the authors sharing their love for books together and nurturing this relationship through liberty books.




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